Hi, my name is Connor Parker and I’m a 24-years-old currently studying MA Journalism at the University of Sheffield. My course is being funded by a scholarship from The Journalism Diversity Fund and the Thomas Reed Bursary. ​

On the course I’m aiming to achieve the Gold-Standard NCTJ qualification. Including 100pm shorthand, comprehensive understanding of the media law and the Editors’ Code of Practice. On top of this we engage in active newsdays where the course recreate an active newsroom and work with industry professionals to go out and find stories for the South Yorkshire region. I was chosen to be the head news-gathering editor for our second newsday and successfully led a team of 40 journalists producing news from crime scenes, tree protests (a very Sheffield specific event) and Star Wars memorabilia auctions! 

To receive the JDF Scholarship I made sure I stood out from the crowd. I did work experience at the Sheffield Star and Sheffield Live Media, producing printed articles and TV packages for both respectively. I also have a history degree from Sheffield Hallam and my high scoring dissertation qualified me for a £10,000 scholarship to study a MRes in Sociology, Research and Policy, so yes, I’m currently studying my second Postgraduate degree. 

It was while studying Sociology I decided I wanted to be a journalist, this was when I started doing work experience and writing for a public audience. Sociology was interesting, but I wanted to engage with the public more directly, inform them on what needed to be known and not produce work for a group of academics. I thoroughly believe journalism is the first rough draft of history.

Whilst at Hallam I also founded the student newspaper, I taught myself InDesign and HTML, produced regular papers and web content, led a team of 20 journalists and effectively became the student media at Hallam I still serve as editor in chief and main writer (see more  at ‘HNews’ section).​

My hobbies include reading literature and history books (particularly books on the USA), podcasts and board games. 

Please look around my site and see all of the work I’ve done, and if you have any enquires please see my contact page.

The NCTJ Journalism Diversity Fund 2017