Since finishing my undergraduate studies I’ve been awarded 3 scholarships, all of which I’m very grateful for.

I’m currently studying MA Journalism at The University of Sheffield, often cited as the best journalism course in the country. My studies are being funded a scholarship from Journalism Diversity Fund (JDF) and The Thomas Read Bursary. I was awarded the JDF scholarship due to my considerable work experience in journalism and my initiative in establishing Sheffield Hallam University’s Student Media and my attempts to get a student paper off the ground. Furthermore, the JDF hands out several scholarships a year and the two most impressive recipients are also awarded the Thomas Read Bursary. The Bursary was set up after the sudden death of Thomas Read – a young and successful sports journalist – in 2015.

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Prior to being awarded the scholarships to pursue my career in journalism, I was awarded a £10,000 scholarship to study MA in Sociology, Policy and Research, due to my high grade in my undergraduate dissertation. I’ve put several of my essays from my Sociology course on Academia, they mainly focus on Philosophy and the work of Pierre Bourdieu.

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