Feb 21 2018

Burglaries up 66 per cent in Doncaster

Original news report can be found here: https://www.jusnews.net/burglaries-up-66-per-cent-in-doncaster/

Burglaries have increased 66% in Doncaster, with police unable to visit homes of victims due to budget cuts, according to a report published by the council today.

The statistic is part of a wider 24% increase in crime across the town, including a 30% increase in reported rapes.

Doncaster Council said changes in the way crime statistics are reported have contributed to the figures.

South Yorkshire Police said a 37% cut to resources and an increase in reporting of every type of crime – whereas in the past many victims would have chosen not to report – made it impossible for them to respond to all complaints.

Police now only visit homes that have been burgled when the victims have practical evidence or witnesses because they do not have the numbers to respond to every burglary.

For all other cases, police now respond via email or by phone.

Councillor Jane Kidd said: “From talking to constituents, the fact that people are reporting quite serious crimes and not getting an immediate response does show there is a problem with crime in the area and our ability to respond to it.”

The report also showed a 20% decrease in anti-social behaviour reports – an issue the police have been focused on reducing.

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